The best RM140 I spent at Muji

19.08.2018 by LadyAlly

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As much as I love the whole minimalist style of decorating, I definitely can not maintain such a minimalist lifestyle. Reason being.. I am a passionate person who tends to have too many hobbies to be passionate about. And when I am passionate, I tend to wanna do lots of stuff with that hobby. Anyway, long story short, I love Muji but I find it tough on my wallet. However, I caved and paid RM140 for a set of acrylic drawers.

I know you can get a set of acrylic drawers at a cheaper price online, or even in Mr DIY; I have those too. However, it is not deep enough, so you won’t be able to line them up prettily and easily identifiable to make it convenient to dig them out when you wanna use them.

It will end up looking kinda messy, like how my setup looked.

So, I popped by Muji at 1Utama today and decided to get this particular set of acrylic drawers. It is called a CUBBY BOX, and measures 255 x 170 x 160 mm, has 5 drawers, and made in Vietnam. The photo above shows the difference in size between the drawers I got from Mr. DIY and the one from Muji.

There is another type of Muji acrylic drawers that is made in China, but difference is that this particular one (made in Vietnam) doesn’t have curved edges at the top, and is made for stacking – so you can get another of the same type to stack on the top securely.

The base has rubber tips at the corners, so if you stack them up or place them on the table, you can pull out individual drawers without the entire shelf moving/sliding around.

And here.. look at the difference after I have transferred all my lovelies into the Muji acrylic cubby box drawers! Neat, colour coordinated and hardly overlap! The only problem is that I think I might need more than 5 drawers soon. ( ◞・౪・)

I still use my old one for other things such as my paintbrushes and other miscellaneous stationery, so I am not wasting resources! (*^▽^*) This acrylic Cubby Box from Muji costs RM140.50 – a little expensive but well worth the money. Now I don’t have to keep searching high and low hoping to find a cheap alternative online and accidentally buying the wrong one.


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