Mega Bloks First Builders Review: Balancing Fun and Learning

07.09.2020 by LadyAlly

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Recently, our little ones received a surprise! I suppose no kid can say no to building blocks, and they were so excited to get two sets of Mega Bloks’ First BuildersLet’s Get Learning set, and Peek A Blocks Penguin Slide.

Although it says ‘1+’ for the First Builders’ range, it doesn’t mean older children can’t play with it. For instance, the Let’s Get Learning blocks we got has shapes, maths, pictograms, and colours. So, even #bbquah who is about to be 6 years old can play the blocks with 3 year old #littlenugget. Good thing too, so they can play together while mummy does her chores. Hahaha.

The quality of the blocks are pretty sturdy, and because it has soft, rounded edges, even if your little one puts it in his/her mouth, there won’t be injuries. It is colourful and fun, and easy to attach and detach. Although it is easy to detach, it doesn’t fall apart when picking it up after being built. Of course, it happens at times especially when it is picked up the wrong way. Looks like we’ve got some toys for our little 20 month old niece TulaB when she visits!

These Mega Bloks sets do not come with instructions or guides; basically, you just pick up whatever pieces you want and build whatever you want. Therefore, in my opinion, it is good to give some guides for your kids, or maybe show them what can be done. Better still, you can print out some activity sheets for the children to follow. Our kids definitely loved that more and get really excited whenever they manage to accomplish it.

Mega Bloks First Builders Let’s Get Learning

The Let’s Get Learning set consists of 150 pieces of blocks of different shapes and sizes. Some of the blocks have printed numbers, math symbols, shapes, and pictograms such as ball, wheel, door and more. With 150 pieces, there is so many things they kids can do, although somehow our kids tend to like two different things.

#bbquah likes to make castles with mathematical problems, while #littlenugget likes to just make a very high tower. However, they both enjoy building all sorts of things to keep them busy while #mamaquah is working. Whenever we have some time to play with them, we bring out the activity cards for them to complete. This gives them a chance to show off their problem-solving skills and learn how to share blocks with each other. (They do fight of course, but nothing too serious).

Mega Bloks Peek A Blocks Penguin Slide

This is a really fun set, great to develop the little one’s motor skill and creativity. There are a few different sets, but the one we got is the Penguin Slide. Just like the Let’s Get Learning set, there is no ‘instructions’ in the box. It is all up to your child to fix it however they want, although you can always use the example on the box as a guide. As parents, we had to fix an example first, and teach the kids how to launch the little penguin ball down the slide before they can make their own builds. There was quite a few little arguments between parents and children on how to build it ‘correctly’; it was fun.

Where to Buy??

These 2 sets are not available elsewhere other than Toys”R”Us as they are exclusive at any one of their 38 physical stores. You can also get them on Toys”R”Us online, and at the same time, do check out other Mega Bloks First Builders; we especially like the Peek A Block Amusement Park as there are so many cute little ball-like animals!

The Let’s Get Learning set costs RM179.99, while the Peek A Blocks Penguin Slide costs RM59.99.

If you want so see a video of their play, visit our IG: @_thequahs


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