Remove makeup in minute: Biore vs Purederm

15.04.2017 by LadyAlly

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reviewing biore and purederm makeup remover wipes

Putting on makeup in a short time is already an amazing feat, especially when you have kids vying for attention. But after a day of looking good, now it is time to remove it in that same short amount of time or lesser. So instead of fiddling with cotton squares and removers, the fastest way is to use makeup remover wet wipes to remove your makeup in a minute or so. My usual go-to brand is Biore, but at Watsons I noticed a new type by Purederm, so just thought to try it and compare with my usual wet wipes.

Price Comparison

biore makeup remover wipes and purederm towelettes

The packaging looks minimalist and very true to the Korean style of design.. or so #theMister says. At a glance he actually asked me if it was a Korean brand. Haha. Sharp eyes. Anyway, got the Purederm Argan Oil Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes from Watsons for the price of RM9.90, with 30 pieces in one pack.

As for the Biore Makeup Remover Wipes, I got the refillable pack which has 44 pieces in a pack, and is priced at RM27.75 per pack. Pretty costly if compared to the Purederm pack. I used to buy the case for it but I always end up being too lazy to put refill the case so I just use straight from the refill pack.

Size Comparison

purederm vs biore wet wipes

The size of the Purederm individual towelettes is actually more than twice the size of Biore’s. However, I am not sure whether it is due to the packaging or maybe just this particular pack, but the first piece wasn’t really well-soaked with the remover solution.

Usage Comparison

after using purederm wipesIt didn’t feel wet enough, so when I tried to remove my makeup, I had to put too much pressure that my face became a little red. (Urgh, my nose looks extra round and big here… looks like the old wives tale of pregnancy makes your nose look bigger is somewhat true lol). It was a little better the second time I used it as the wipe felt more saturated in its solution. The texture of Purederm wipes is also textured, so if you have sensitive skin, you really would feel it a tad bit too rough. Removing waterproof makeup is also slightly more difficult so you have to wipe the same spot a few times meticulously to get it out.

after using biore wipes

The Biore wipes are smaller in side and softer, pretty much like your regular wet wipes. However, it is quite moist from the solution and wipes off makeup pretty easily. However, if you have on thick makeup, then you might need more than one piece since it is quite small and takes out quite a lot of your makeup at just one swipe.


after using both wet wipes

eeeek! naked face! lol

So if I were to compare the price, the Biore is much more expensive but more effective in removing stubborn makeup especially if you use thick layers of it. Purederm is much more cost effective, so I tend to prefer to use this when I am removing daytime/everyday makeup sans mascara (because mascara is always a pain to remove). Using too many pieces of Biore wipes is a little painful to the pocket, so unless time is more important than money, then I would recommend using the Biore wipes as your primary quick makeup remover.



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