Australian Meditree Tea Tree range for acne prone skin now in Malaysia

21.04.2017 by LadyAlly

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While the usual causes of acne include stress and the fluctuation of teenage hormones, acne is something that is experienced by both teens and adults. If you or someone in your family has acne prone skin, good news! You now have access to Australian brand Meditree Tea Tree range of products in local pharmacies nationwide.

Meditree Tea Tree was launched by DKSH, the company that helped Byron Origins to introduce and grow their Meditree Tea Tree range of skincare products in Malaysia. The Meditree Tea Tree range is a 100% natural and organic skincare brand from Australia that is specially formulated to suit oily, combination, and acne prone skin by combining natural active ingredients of tea tree and willow bark extract. Tea tree has antiseptic properties while willow bark extract contains the highest form of salicylic acid, making it ideal as an anti-inflammatory agent on the skin.

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Professional Advice from Dr. Nazirin Arrifin

During the launch, DKSH invited Dr. Nazirin Arrifin, a renowned dermatologist from Pantai Hospital to give us some professional advice and tops to manage acne prone skin. One such advice was this, “If you have acne prone skin, don’t apply skincare products in a circular or upward motion, or you might end up clogging your pores instead. It is better to pat the skincare onto your skin”. 


According to Dr. Nazirin, “Choosing the right product that suits your skin type is important because the skin needs to be cleansed daily to get rid of dirt, excess oil, and bacteria that can potentially clog pores and bring about acne“. In addition, whenever you use a carrier oil to dilute essential oil such as the Meditree Tea Tree Oil, you need to keep in mind the comedogenic ratings in order not to clog your pores further.

Meditree Prices and Availability in Malaysia

You can purchase Meditree Pure Australian Botanical Tea Tree products at any major pharmacies nationwide. At the moment, the Meditree Tea Tree Range available in Malaysia includes Tea Tree Facial Cleanser 100g (RM20.90), Tea Tree Hydrator 50g (RM23.75), Tea Tree Acne Gel 15h (RM14.55), Tea Tree Face Scrub & Mask 50g (RM23.75), and Tea Tree Oil 10ml (RM28). Prices stated here do not include 6% GST.

Meditree products can also be found in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, UAE, Russia, and Whole Foods Markets in Canada.



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