Offspring Natural Vegan Fashion Diaper Review

27.09.2017 by LadyAlly

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There are so many diaper brands out there that it is pretty hard to try them all. I’ve been seeing more chlorine-free diapers in the market recently, but this is the first time I’ve heard of vegan diapers. Thanks to my brother and sis-in-law who presented a big box of Offspring Natural goodies, we managed to try out their core products, especially their cute vegan, cruelty-free, chlorine-free diapers.

We got the S size which is for babies between 3-7kg. The standard pack contains 48 pieces of diapers, and these come in cute illustrations of cat and fish. The illustrations look so cute, we actually felt it was a waste to use it.


The fit is actually quite narrow compared to some other diapers. We compared with Mamy Poko – which has one of the widest fit, and Huggies – which has one of the narrowest fit, and found that Offspring is in between these two in terms of fitting. So, if your baby has a big butt, you might feel that these diapers are a little on the narrow side.

The best thing about these diapers is the rubber at the back. It is actually quite stretchy and yet not too tight that baby will feel uncomfortable. This way, we can sort-of avoid explosions and leakage due to diapers going out of place when baby moves too much.

On the side, the fit is snug yet not too tight. When we removed the diapers, there aren’t very bad indentation due to the elasticity of the diaper.

One of the drawbacks of this diaper is the fastenings. Somehow I feel it is a bit stiff and can be uncomfortable for babies with sensitive skin especially when it is touching the skin and there is friction around that area.


So far, we found this diaper to have pretty good absorbency. It actually lasted throughout the night with no leakages and hence no need to groggily change nappies at 5 in the morning. Even though it can last through the night and is pretty full by morning, #littlenugget didn’t get any nappy rash or redness at the groin areas.


Have to admit, these diapers ain’t cheap. It isn’t crazy expensive either, but you can consider it to be in the premium range. So, one pack of S sized diapers with 48 pieces in it cost RM50 per pack. Of course, if you buy in a bundle it would be cheaper, but that is the price for you.

If you’re particular about having vegan diapers for your children, and a more natural way of life, then I would recommend trying out Offspring Natural. I am actually quite happy with this brand of diapers and might think of using them once my stash finishes.

You can buy their products from their website at, or on location at Ben’s Independent Grocer. If you buy more than RM150, you can enjoy free shipping within Malaysia and Singapore. You can also follow them on their Facebook page at for promotions and updates.



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