Soothing a congested baby suffering from a cold

16.08.2017 by LadyAlly

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We haven’t been updating recently, well, because of a cranky baby. Trust me, a cranky baby is a serious test of patience especially when he is fussing from a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, #littlenugget has some sinus issues just like #theMister, so since the past few days it has been raining off and on, the air has become humid resulting in stuffy nose and swollen eyes for all our kids.

There isn’t really anything we can do to solve this especially in little babies, other than giving them a little comfort (and leave us with some sanity). Here are some things we used to deal with #littlenugget sinus issues.

#1: Nasal Spray

THIS is one of the most important thing to have at home. We use Sterimar for ages 0-3 years old. Both #littlenugget and #bbquah has been using this and we always make sure we have this stocked up. Sterimar is available in most pharmacies, but you can’t buy it off the shelf so make sure there is a pharmacists at the outlet since it is usually stored behind the counter.

Sterimar is easy to use. Just prop the baby lying down with a little elevation (or you can place his head tilted to one side), or sitting up. Place the nozzle in one nostril and press it briefly.. not too little or too much, and let the solution drip down. Then do it on the next nostril.

Baby might fuss or struggle a little, but as long as you didn’t spray too much, it will be okay. This sea water solution actually helps to flush the nose and dry it up. You can use this as often as you need to since it is not medicinal in nature.

Make sure you clean the tube with soap and water after each use.

#2: Nose Cleaner

A nose cleaner is another must-have. IMHO, the bulb type isn’t as efficient as the tube type, although some people might find using their own mouth to suck booger a little gross. You don’t really taste it though, since there is a long tube to suck and the booger will bypass that tube and go into the container instead. You will probably only get booger in your mouth if you suck too hard, which you shouldn’t be doing since it will hurt the poor baby’s delicate nostrils.

Usually, what I do is use the nasal spray, let it slowly drip out, then after a few minutes, I will use the nose cleaner to clean out whatever else that has been soften by the spray. Clears #littlenugget nose up quite a bit.

If you noticed my photo, the cap looks like it can’t be screwed on properly… well, that is because, silly me went and sterilize it in the bottle sterilizer, and the top part shrunk. So, make sure you don’t sterilize it; just wash it with soap and water. This particular nose cleaner is by Pigeon; you can find it at most baby shops.

#3: Essential Oils

Yes, I am quite an avid user of essential oils, namely those from Young Living. I don’t think essential oils are a cure-it-all that some people tend to preach, but it helps to support your own bodily systems. So, in the case of a stuffy nose, I usually diffuse either a combination of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, or R.C. blend which consists of Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Pine, Marjoram, Lavender, Cypress, Tsuga, and Peppermint.

Since a water diffuser also acts as a humidifier, it also helps when sleeping in an air-conditioned room. Since the little one has stuffy nose, I still on the air-cond but I also switched on the ceiling fan in low, and put the temperature up. No air-conditioning at all will mean all of us will be sleeping in our sweat. #malaysianweatherproblems



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