Kustie Shower and Bath Gel: The Prettiest Shower Essential You Must Have

11.10.2017 by LadyAlly

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I admit. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, which I am sure is pretty prevalent among women of all ages. The hubs and I were window shopping at Watsons since I wanted to buy a lip tint, and we saw pretty bottles full of flower petals on the shelves. Honestly, we have never heard of the brand, but omg they look so darn pretty! Each bottle of shower and bath gel is filled with little flower petals.

We bought the Cherry Blossom variant since I was in a sakura spring mood. They also had other variants such as Lavender (I have too many lavender products already), Rose, and Chamomile. Good thing about Watsons Malaysia that I like is there is always some sort of Purchase-With-Purchase (PWP) promotion, so this time round they have small bottles of these shower gels. So of course we bought another variant – Chamomile – just to try it out.

The first thing that caught our eye was the little flower petals submerged in the gel. It isn’t that rare a thing to have petals in it but it isn’t that common either, especially in products found in drugstores here. Apparently, the cherry blossom variant is for lightening and brightening, although honestly I can never understand the need to have lightening products on your body. Will I have white body and tan face then? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The coolest thing is the petals actually come out together with the gel! Looks so cute right?

It smells pretty good and subtle, and the fragrance stays even after washing off the soap. The gel is quite thick so you don’t need to use a lot to get some lather. In fact, too much and you will feel like you have to rinse longer to get it off.

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A 500ml of Kustie Shower and Bath Gel will cost RM34.98, while a small 100ml bottle will cost RM11.60. With PWP you get it at a cheaper price though, which is less 50% from the normal price. Quite a good deal to check out the other variants and can be used for travel as well. You can get these pretty little things at any Watsons Malaysia outlet, or you can just order from their store online if you’re too lazy to go out.



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2 comments on “Kustie Shower and Bath Gel: The Prettiest Shower Essential You Must Have”

  1. Justina Amah says:

    How can I get this product

    1. LadyAlly says:

      This was quite a while ago, so I’m not sure if Watson still sells it. >.<

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