Flavourest Teddy Bear Themed Cafe @ Kelana Jaya: OMG So Cute!

23.05.2017 by thequahs

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Most of the time, themed cafes are more of a miss than a hit since it is not everyday you can find a novelty cafe that is affordable, cute, and with decent food. However, this place hidden in the midst of some shop lots at Zenith Corporate Park, Kelana Jaya actually scored pretty well in all 3 categories. On top of that, this place is kid-friendly!

Teddies Everywhere!

Honestly, both #theMissus and #theMister are not fans of teddy bears, but since a group of us had kids and wanted to try a new place out, we decided to head there. Man, the kids just loved the place! The walls have lovely murals of bears and ponies, and there were fluffy teddy bear soft toys of different sizes scattered around the cafe. There is also a little corner where you can throw parties for kids (or yourself if you are a teddy bear lover). The venue was quite spacious, but can be a little warm if it was crowded since the air conditioning isn’t the coldest.

Kid Friendly!

The cafe is kid friendly, and although we don’t encourage letting your kids run around as they please (it is a cafe afterall with hot food and drinks with potential accidents, not to mention being an annoyance to other patrons), there aren’t sharp edges or random knick-knacks that will trip or injure a falling child. They also have ample high chairs and offer children cutlery for your little one.

. . . . .

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Overly Extensive Menu

Now, we all want some decent choices of food, but at Flavourest, looking through the menu and deciding what to order is like reading a short novel. Granted you won’t get bored with the choices since there is something for everyone, but you will take some time to decide. Maybe it’s their plan to keep you busy so they have time to serve other patrons. Hahaha. Anyway, price-wise, it is pretty decent compared to many other cafes that tend to overcharge even for a plate of Aglio Olio. Thankfully, our group was large enough that we managed to order a good variety to try.

The Appetizers

While waiting for the whole party to arrive, we ordered some snacks to keep our tummy from rioting. Some Nachos with Tomato Salsa (RM9.90), Nachos with Cheezy Sauce (RM8.90), and Soup of the Day (Tomato Soup) with 2 Garlic Bread (RM10.90).

Nachos with Tomato Salso (RM9.90)

The nachos was a good snack although we preferred the cheezy sauce more than the salsa. The salsa is not what you usually get at Mexican joints, as this version is a “cooked” style, somewhat like a tomato pasta sauce. The cheezy sauce is as it says – cheesy.

Tomato Soup of the Day (RM10.90)

As for the soup, all of us agreed it is one of the best dishes that night. It had the just the right amount of sweetness and sourness without one overpowering the other. The stock used was also pretty good, so it was quite a tasty and appetizing soup. The 2 pieces of garlic bread that came with the soup is teddy bear themed and really cute! Don’t eat its nose though as it is actually a piece of coffee bean, and it is quite hard.

Main Meals

We ordered quite a variety of main meals to be shared among the group. Some dishes were familiar, while some were quite unique, combining western and asian flavours.

We ordered a variety of pastas; Spaghetti Bolognese with Beef Meatball (RM13.90), Spaghetti Curry Carbonara with Mushroom & Vege (RM13.90), Spaghetti Tom Yam with Seafood (RM15.90), Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Seafood (RM13.90), and Spaghetti with Butter Sauce and Chicken Dumpling (RM17.90).

Generally, the pasta dishes are decent, and up to our standards according to the price range. Not too dry or too wet, with just ample amount of ingredients. The only complain was that the seafood was a little rubbery in texture – probably a little overcooked, but other than that, we were quite satisfied. The Spaghetti with Butter Sauce and Chicken was surprisingly quite delicious – kind of like what you get at a Chinese restaurant where they fry butter chicken, or butter squid.. sort of the same kind of sauce. The Spaghetti Tom Yam was also a personal favourite as it was unique and quite appetizing since it has a sourish-spicy taste.

Other than pastas, we also ordered other mains such as the Mushroom Chicken Parmesan Pocket Toast (RM15.90), Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop with Butter Sweet Corn Rice of the Day (RM19.90), Grilled Lamb Chop with Black Pepper Sauce (RM19.90), and Tower Crunchy Chicken Burger (RM16.90). The Lamb Chop was pretty good and tasty, with quite a decent portion for that price. Not too tough or dry either.

Promoting the Parmesan Pocket Toast (RM15.90)

Well, our friend Vic just can’t resist taking a photo with the nicely decorated Mushroom Chicken Parmesan Pocket Toast, but how was the taste? Well, it is unique in a sense as it is actually a French Toast sandwich with chicken filling, and cheese to make the decorations (and that odd coffee bean for the nose and eyes). In a nutshell, it is a not-too-typical sandwich.

Chicken Chop with Rice (RM15.90)

Apparently, the Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop with Butter Sweet Corn Rice of the Day is one of the most popular dish in Flavourest’s menu. However, although the chicken was decent, the rice was too dry and bland, not to mention the portion is just way too big compared with the chicken, and the sauce was only average.

Tower Crunchy Chicken Burger (RM16.90)

The Tower Crunchy Chicken Burger was quite yummy, especially if you’re a fried chicken fan. Even more so when you have TWO layers of fried chicken, with cheese sandwiched between and more melty cheesy goodness on the top. Unless you have a huge mouth, you probably need to split it in two to eat it.

Desserts and Drinks

We didn’t order that many drinks or desserts as most of us were pretty stuffed. #theSmally wanted a drink (as usual) after his meal, so we got him Iced Chocolate (RM11.90), while we shared a hot pot of Peach Tea (RM7.90) which is refillable and comes with 2 tiny cups. The cafe also served filtered water where you can just help yourself, which is rather nice of them seeing how so many eateries these days insist on charging for every cup of filtered water even for dine-in customers.

Ice Chocolate with Bear Drawing (RM11.90)

The Iced Chocolate had a cute bear drawing on the top, which is just ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. #theSmally said it tasted nice and didn’t have a cheap cocoa aftertaste, so guess it got a passing mark from him!

Our entire group shared desserts too and since we had some April babies to celebrate for, we just took the opportunity to order a Teddy on Party (RM21.90) and Teddy on Bathtub (RM20.90) desserts. They are, afterall, just too cute to pass up. Basically, the desserts are piled up with sugary marshmallows, nuts, ice cream and sweet sauce, and while the Teddy on Party has a Parmesan Toast base just like the Parmesan Pocket Toast, the Teddy on Bathtub has a waffles base instead. We prefer the waffles and although the novelty is there, the taste is just alright. Decent in taste, adorable in looks (and Instagrammable!), but not something that is all that awesome.

. . . . .

He Says…

The cafe has a really extensive range of dishes with some being somewhat of a fusion twist between Asian and Western. Not forgetting the cute touches the way the meal is prepared, such as the garlic bread, toast, burgers and rice; all in-line with the theme of the cafe. Oh, and the deserts and drinks too..this is definitely a teddy bear paradise. So do mark this place as an option for date night that’s affordable and your better half would go “oooh…so cute!”

She Says…

Despite being a novelty cafe, this place actually serves pretty decent food and affordable prices unlike many other novelty cafes that tend to offer sub-standard fare with skyrocketed prices. On top of that, they have an extensive menu, so even if you have been there once or twice, you will visit again and again just to try other offerings. The interior is cute and tasteful, and is quite a nice place for families, children, or a couple looking for a romantic and cute eatery.



BUSINESS HOURS | Tue – Fri: 10am – 9pm; Sat – Sun: 11am – 10pm; Closed Mondays

ADDRESS | 46-G, Block D, No.1, Zenith Corporate Park, Jalan SS 7/26, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

PHONE | +6016-500 9409

PAYMENT | Cash only



CHILDREN FRIENDLY | 9/10; High chairs and kids’ utensils available with minimal “danger” zones around.

FACEBOOK | www.fb.com/Flavourest/



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