First ever double storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Southeast Asia

21.07.2018 by LadyAlly

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Just last weekend, #bbquah and I had the chance to visit the first ever double storey Barbie Career Dreamhouse in Southeast Asia! We are not talking about a Barbie toy house, but a real life-sized Barbie house that you can visit. Happening at Sunway Pyramid LG2 Blue Concourse until 29 July 2018, this is the best time for Barbie fans of all ages to take a visit and enjoy some imaginative play at different parts of the house.

Play Area

When we first reached the event venue, the first thing #bbquah made a beeline for was the play area. There were lots of different career Barbie for kids to play and experience. her favourite was the baking and kitchen sets, just like how she tend to have lots of cooking play sets at home.

Play Rooms

From the lower to the upper floors of the Barbie Career Dreamhouse, there are a few playrooms to check out. The fun and interactive playrooms include:

1. “You can be a Top Chef” play room, brought to you by Lifetime

2. “You can be an Artist” play room brought to you by Crayola ⬇️

3. “You can be a Movie Director” play room brought to you by Astro on Demand (VOD) ⬇️

4. “You can be a Musician” playroom brought to you by Yamaha

5. “You can be Anything” play room brought to you by Kiddomo ⬇️

Sorry we couldn’t not take photos of each station since #bbquah was only interested in a few… pretty obvious by the photos. ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ??


If you’re planning to head to the Barbie Career Dreamhouse, it is located on LG2, Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid… you can find it easily as it is in front of shops such as Eu Yan Sang and Aeon. Here is the schedule in case you want to take part in one of its activities.

Shopping & Display

Don’t forget to bring some extra moolah as there will be some shopping involved! After playing all the fun and exciting Career Barbie at the play area, there are some Barbie merchandise for sale as well.

There are also a good number of collector’s Barbie on display to appreciate. They are all so pretty and makes me wish I can collect these lovelies too!


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