10 things to do with Washi Tapes

06.07.2018 by LadyAlly

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It started innocently when I bought a few washi tapes from Wanderlust Things. Then I bought a Traveler’s Notebook. Things went downhill from there in terms of my addiction to all things #bujo (bullet journaling in case you’re unsure about all these funky abbreviations), and this craze for washi tapes and stickers. So recently I did a washi tape swatch and posted it on my Insta, and a few friends asked what do I do with all that crazy number of washi tapes? Well, other than just being a collector of all things cute and pretty, I’ve also compiled 10 things you can do with washi tape in daily life.

#1: Adding life and colour to your planner

I remember reading someone’s comment on socmed that their planners are boring and not as colourful as mine or Jerine’s. Well, most of the time we tend to be rushing when jotting down all those deadlines, appointments and whatnots, but I actually made it a point every night to decorate my planner after the kids have gone to sleep. Kind of like a wind down routine before bed. Decorating the spaces and dividers with washi tape, and adding little notes and mood-of-the-day doodles is a little heartwarming and sleep with a smile instead of a frown.

#2: Household labels

I label lots of things with washi tape now, whether the storage jars in the kitchen, or the crazy number of toy boxes in the house. I use to use those masking tape you find at hardware stores, but those tend to become ultra sticky as it ages and leaves a sticky residue which is a pain to remove. Now I use one of my lovely washi tapes and if it starts to ages, I just change designs!

#3: Brighten up presents and cards

I love wrapping presents. So much so I actually do (unofficially) offer services to wrap presents. So anyway, instead of just wrapping it with tape and ribbon, you can actually use washi tape to decorate or even label the presents. You can also make simple gift tags and cards with decorative washi tape to make it extra pretty.

#4: Storing loose wrapping paper

You know how most people tend to use a small narrow strip of paper and regular tape to keep wrapping paper rolls from unraveling? Instead of having to replace that strip and tape every time you take a piece of wrapping paper, by using washi tape, you can actually reuse the tape. Looks good too!

#5: Wine glass name tags

Having a party and don’t want to spend on wine charms? You can just make easy name tags with washi tape. Write the name, stick over the wine glass stem, fold and trim the ends. Voila!

#6: Birthday cake garland

Some things are easily made without having to scour all the malls for them. One of such things is a birthday banner garland to decorate your cake with. Most of the time, it is just candles on a cake, but with some washi tapes, a string and 2 bamboo sticks, you are all set for a party!

#7: Memo holders

Sometimes the kids come home with memos from school, or a new printed timetable and there’s no where to pin it other than the already-full cork board or full-of-magnets fridge door. Next best thing is just sticking memos on mirrors with washi tape so I won’t ever forget what needs to be done when I am looking at my reflection for the day.

#8: Bookmarks

I lose my bookmarks quite regularly… maybe because the kids sometimes mess with my stuff, or maybe I am just clumsy. So I just fold a washi tape in half, and a nice bookmark is made. Depending on your creativity, you can even make a corner bookmark. If I am feeling bored, I can also just grab some paper, stick some tape and I’ve got a nice bookmark! Or even better; just grab a paperclip, stick some washi and you have a bookmark. Did those for my kids since they lose their bookmarks regularly, and since #theSmally has too many books too.

#9: Personalised name tags

I use to print those cute little name tags and tag everything the kids take to school or any outing, until I found it annoying (and expensive) having to replace them often. One tend to lose the tags, and another tend to love removing it. Next best thing? Washi! I even made some name tags for #bbquah’s school bag when she took over a pre-loved bag.

#10: Use to decorate anything and everything!

I love collecting washi and since I have rolls of them, I just decorate anything and everything whenever I feel like it. Makes my belongings (especially stationery) personalised and colourful, and brightens a dreary day.

. . .

So, how do you use your washi tapes? Share more tips and maybe I have more reasons to hoard more washi! o(≧∇≦o)


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