Here’s why we made Medklinn part of our home

15.08.2018 by LadyAlly

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Woke up the past few mornings to a horrible smell in the air; the haze is back! At times like these, I wish we have more than two Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer at home. We started using the Medklinn Air+Surface Sterilizer for almost 2 months now, and we’re really quite happy with them.

It started with two

At the beginning, we started with two units, which was the Medklinn Asens+40 for home use that can cover around 400 sq ft, and the Medklinn Autoplus, which is a little unit for cars. Since the bedroom for #theSmally was still undergoing some renovation, we used it in a smaller TV room at first, and later used it in his bedroom once it was done. It was working well for him, so we decided to get another Medklinn Asens+20 that covers 200 sq ft, for the smaller TV room when we moved the Medklinn Asens+40 to his bedroom.

How does it work?

The Medklinn units are actually air and surface sterilizers; not purifiers or ionizers. Powered by its Cerafusion tech, the units creates Active Oxygen, which eliminates 99.9% of allergens, bad odours, bacteria, viruses and mold. In non-technical terms, the Medklinn Sterilizer is made up of oxygen atoms that sticks to harmful airborne particles and make them fall on the surface.

This is why when you start using the units, you will realize that around the area there will be dust-like particles. I just vacuum and wipe every time I clean the room. So simple. (。 >艸<) If you want to read in detail, you can check out on Medklinn website. It is too technical to post a wall of text here, so it would be best to just check out the diagrams and explanation there instead.

Easy maintenance and usage

You don’t need to install or fiddle around with the Medklinn units. You literally can just plug it in and it will work immediately. In terms of maintenance, you just need to change the little purplish bulb/cartridge every year. The older units require you to clean the cartridge every few months, but the new ones don’t. Other than the cartridge, there isn’t any other maintenance work you need to do.

Does it actually work?

When it comes to things like these where you can’t really see the obvious difference, the only thing I can relate to you is our experience with it. Firstly, due to #theSmally‘s condition, the thought of having to quarantine him so that he doesn’t catch anything from his siblings is a little.. sad. Imagine having to live your life with minimal contact and interaction, and being forced to do so overnight. So, we took things step-by-step, and trusted the Medklinn Sterilizer to lower the probability of passing a cough and cold around. In the past 2 months of using it, we can safely say that it has been good so far.

We managed to let the siblings play together in the same room even when there is slight sniffling. We try to minimize contact, but we didn’t have to isolate them. #theSmally did catch a slight cough and cold, but it wasn’t serious, and he could’ve caught it anywhere since we did take him out as well.

Here’s what it did for us:

Reduced Sinus Allergies

As for helping out the sinus, the kids didn’t have sinus allergies as much nowadays. They still do get it off and on since our bedroom doesn’t have the Medklinn Sterilizer (for now), and only the TV room where they hangout, #theSmally‘s room, and my soccer-mom car has one. We wish we can do more research on how it helps with sinus, but unless Drew sleeps in the TV room for at least 2 weeks, maybe we can tell. Will keep y’all updated if we do get the Medklinn Asens+60 for our master bedroom. Still saving some serious money for it. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Removed Bad Odours

You know how it was durian season, and everywhere smelled like it? I personally don’t like the smell and I don’t eat durians, but the hubby loves them.

So, just recently, he bought 3 boxes of durians when I was out for coffee with some girl friends. He transported them in my car ( ≧Д≦), shared 1 box with my mum when he went to pick the kids, and enjoyed the other 2 boxes in the TV room. When I found out the next day, I dread going into the room and using the car but to my ABSOLUTE SURPRISE, there was ABSOLUTELY NO SMELL!!! No stinky durian smell in the room, nor is there any in the car. So looks like hubs will now have an excuse to eat more durians since he can now enjoy it in any room that is using a Medklinn.

Removed Smelly Haze

I really hate the burning haze smell. It stinks and makes it hard to breathe. My throat will feel scratchy and eyes get watery. If I feel like that, I can’t even imagine how it is like for the little ones. So, to test out how well the Medklinn Sterilizer works when it comes to haze, we started by using an air purifier+ionizer in the room for a few days. Didn’t work very well since we could still smell the burning stink in the room. So, we switched that out with the Medklinn Asens40. Put it on in the morning, and by night, the room didn’t have any burning smell anymore! I am not trying to hard sell here; it is not like I get paid for this, but seriously, it works! The initial cost of purchasing the units is well worth the money and if I could afford, I would install 1 in every part of my house! o(≧∇≦o)

That Clean Smell

When using the Medklinn sterilizers, the major difference to a room that is noticeable to the nose is the smell. There is this “clean” smell that some people might notice, but even so, it doesn’t smell bad. It kinda smells like the air after rain or something like that.

Medklinn in the car

Most people I’ve spoken to started using Medklinn with the Autoplus, which is the small air and surface sterilizer for the car. It connects to your lighter socket, but since our dashboard cam is connected to that, we got the docking system for it. Our socket is also located at a very inconvenient position – right at the bottom of the console, close to the floor. If you drive a Nissan Serena, you will understand what I mean.

The Autoplus unit is then plugged into the docking unit, and the docking unit is connected to your lighter socket via a USB cable. So, what we did was connect our dash cam to the socket (our dash cam connector has a USB port), and then connect the Medklinn dock to the USB port, and then place it in a cup holder. The Good: you now have an extra USB port. The Bad: you lose one cup holder.

Would I recommend this to a loved one?

YESH! Absolutely yes! If I had the budget, I would even buy units for my parents. My biggest gripe about the Medklinn is just the price. I wish it would be cheaper, but it is still moderately affordable. You can always start with just one for the bedroom at least.

So how much does it cost? You can buy this easily at Watsons – either online or from their shop, and at these prices: 

Basically, the Medklinn+20 costs RM533, Medklinn+40 costs RM733, and Medklinn+60 costs RM1,033 per unit. If you’re planning to get the Medklinn Autoplus (RM413/unit; RM530/combo), make sure you check your car’s lighter socket before deciding so you can choose to get with or without the Docking system.

. . . . .

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that your Medklinn Sterilizer should be on 24/7 to get the best results. It doesn’t chug electricity so do try to keep it on at all times! Why? Well, that’s because it takes a while for the unit to reach full working capacity, so every time you switch it off and on, it takes a while to start working well again. Another thing to note is that, if you’re using the Medklinn with an aromatherapy diffuser, unfortunately, your essential oils will just go to waste since the Medklinn will just clean it all up. I am an essential oil user, so what I usually do is either to put the oils directly on the body, or diffuse them in another room such as the dining or family hall where there is no Medklinn Sterilizer. Best of both worlds.


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