Borax Ant Killer DIY Recipe

13.12.2017 by LadyAlly

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Festive season is here and there is usually a lot of activity in the kitchen like baking, roasting, cooking, and even practicing dishes for Thanksgiving or Christmas get-togethers. This would also mean an influx of insect activity especially ants. We used to purchase those ant poisons but the ants have become smart and don’t bother with it, and on top of that it is in lightweight powder form which we don’t really want it flying into our food in the kitchen.

The next best thing? DIY ant killer using regular household ingredients.


  • 1 portion x Borax Decahydrate
  • 3 portion x sugar
  • water
  • syrup (any kind)



Mix 1 portion of borax with 3 portion of sugar until well blended. For example, here I’ve used 2 tbsp borax, and 6 tbsp sugar.


Add water in small amounts and stir until it becomes like thick glue consistency.


Add syrup in any amounts (This is to make sure the solution becomes irresistible to ants)


Divide into different containers, whether a bottle cap, unused small plates, or you can even recycle a bottle of soda. If you don’t want it exposed, you can place it in a re-purposed container with lid, make holes on it and close it.


Place it in corners where ants tend to congregate/pass through.

. . .

You can get borax easily from most hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, or like me, I usually get from Craftiviti. Their prices are not too pricey (depending on what you buy though), and you can visit their store at 10Boulevard, Petaling Jaya, or buy stuff online.

So far, this ant killer recipe works, but not at all areas. Maybe the kids also tend to drop crumbs or drip juice in the kitchen at times so they have nicer food to go to. But at least now our ant population is under control when before it was so bad that ants were even infesting our water and making a nest under our water filter and dish dryer. (⋋▂⋌)


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