5 chores for toddlers to do

24.11.2017 by LadyAlly

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There are chores your toddler can learn to do.

I still remember reading news somewhere online that parent actually complained that making your child do chores is demeaning and akin to treating them like servants. Seriously?? If your child does not learn to do chores, where and when will they learn how to survive when they’re alone? In our family, we have made chores a necessary part of life, and the kids don’t get paid for doing chores. If they want to earn extra pocket money, they have to do things outside of their usual chores.

Anyway, a child can always start doing chores at a young age, as long as you choose chores that are suitable for his/her age. For toddlers between 2-4 years old, here are some chores you can start of with. #bbquah is already doing most of it now ever since she was 2 and half years old, with supervision of course.

#1: Laundry

This is one of the easiest chore for toddlers to learn. Laundry can be simple or advanced, depending on the motor skills of the child. You can start with the little one putting dirty laundry into the washing machine, taking it out, or hanging simple small pieces of laundry on a clip hanger.

Once he/she is a little older, you can teach him/her how to fold clothes, starting with small pieces like handkerchief, towels, pants, and later moving on to t-shirts and such. Don’t scold your child if he/she doesn’t fold well; he/she is obviously not used to it. Just keep repeating instructions and demonstration, and eventually your little one will get it.

#2: Clearing up after mealtimes

Although I don’t expect the small one to clear the table, #bbquah still has to help out by taking small plastic cups, or her own bowl and cutlery to the sink after mealtimes. She is little, but she can still just take it to the back slowly. This also teaches her to help out when it comes to family feeding time.

#3: Wiping & Sweeping

Whether it is wiping the table, wiping the mirror, wiping the chairs, a toddler can do it easily. He/she may not be the cleanest, but they have to start somewhere. Sweeping the floor is more like playtime somehow, so instead of sweeping, most of the time I would ask the little one to hold the dustpan instead. She still likes to sweep though, probably because she thinks it is playtime.

#4: Picking up toys

This is a must. The kids need to learn that if they make a mess, they have to clean up after their own mess. I have to honestly say it is really annoying to be a nag, but it is something a parent has to do to prepare for the future messiness of a teenager.

#5: Help with grocery

Although #bbquah is little, she can actually help us to put the grocery from the cart to the cashier counter. Grocery shopping is usually a family affair for us, with #theSmally pushing the cart, and #bbquah helping to put things in the cart and taking them out. Of course, they also love it since they can request for various snacks to be added in our list.

At the end, it depends on how you encourage your child to do chores, and do keep an eye on their motor skills to find out how they can help at home. We are proud that our kids, even #bbquah, has now learned to rush to “help” us without needing to ask. In fact, she becomes quite proud when she feels she has accomplished something.

So, what chores did your little one learn as a toddler?


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