How to fix broken makeup when Colourpop doesn’t refund you

20.11.2017 by LadyAlly

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Remember that I blogged recently about My Little Pony x Colourpop shadow palette I’ve bought recently? Well, after only using it once, the next time I opened the palette, one of the eye shadow popped out of its pan. So, now I have a pile of eye shadow on the cover of the palette possibly because it wasn’t pressed properly in its holding pan.

Usually, whenever something like this happens, most of us would try to see if we can exchange or get a refund for the palette, however, Colourpop do not and will not entertain anything of that sort as seen on their website’s Return Policy page. Apparently, the product is so cheap that they won’t take any returns.

To add insult to the injury, they actually wrote a pretty snarky FAQ answer that in the event your shadow does break, it isn’t a tragedy you can’t fix. Not only are they unapologetic, they are sarcastic as well.

I was having a conversation with Jerine, and we were quite shocked they totally don’t entertain returns as many brands tend to have some sort of return policy in order to further work on product R&D to ensure their shadows don’t break all the time.

Anyway, since I can’t exchange the palette, I have to fix it so I won’t waste an entire colour just because it broke. Here is how to fix your shadow should any of your powder makeup breaks, whether it is eye shadow, blusher, or mineral powder.

Repairing your broken makeup

#1: Preparation

Before you start, prepare these few little things:

  1. A palette knife (or butter knife, a spatula or whatever you can use to scoop the powder up)
  2. Rubbing alcohol (you can buy from a craft shop or pharmacy under bandage and first aid section)
  3. A dropper (or spray bottle, but dropper easier to contain the alcohol to just that broken pan)
  4. A tissue paper

#2: Scoop

Use the palette knife (or your “spade” of choice) to scoop up as much of the shadow as you can and put it back in the pan.


Break them all up into powder (even unbroken ones) and pile them all nicely in the pan although it might be a little messy.

#3: Transfer Some Alcohol

Next, use the dropper to transfer some rubbing alcohol out of the bottle.

#4: Mix ‘Em Up

Drop 1-2 drops of alcohol into the pile of shadow. Stir after each time. Repeat this until the shadow is damp and well mixed.

I prefer not to make it too pasty since the pan is rather small and can be way too messy. Just make it in to a wet-sand consistency.

#5: Press

Now, place a tissue over the damp shadow and press. You can use the palette knife or something with a rounder end/edge. Just don’t be too rough; instead, keep repeating and slowly increase the pressure until you get it nice and flat like the other shadows.

#6: Dry

Now to let it dry and you can use it as usual. If it ever breaks again, just do the same thing.

#7: Clean Up

This is quite a messy job so try to do it somewhere that is easy to clean.

Have you ever had to fix a well-loved powder makeup? It is heartbreaking when it breaks, isn’t it?


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One comment on “How to fix broken makeup when Colourpop doesn’t refund you”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I really appreciate it.

    The only thing I can say is please don’t call out customer service representatives by name. They did not create this policy, and they already deal with enough harassment. People will legitimately track down customer service reps personal information to blame them for something they can’t control. Blame Colourpop, not them.

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