Solid poster frames to display your fan art

23.03.2017 by LadyAlly

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If you are a doujin or fan art enthusiast like me, then you will appreciate this. We’ve collected quite a number of fan art at various comic cons and roadshows, but the problem is we can’t hang them up because:

  1. We can’t find ready-made frames at IKEA that can fit.
  2. We can hardly find cheap frames that can fit.
  3. Custom framing is REALLY expensive.
  4. Artists tend to use all sorts of random sizes.

Although some artists use weird poster sizes, most of them tend to go for A3, which I really appreciate. Ironically, it isn’t that easy to find simple, nice, and affordable A3 frames despite it being a common size. I’ve been on the hunt regularly, and since Lazada was having a sale (especially even more worth it in the weekends when there is extra Citibank discount), I found a pretty sweet deal and thought to try it out. So, I bought 2 pieces of A3 size photo frame. Why 2? Because one feels a little too little.. (does that even make sense? Haha)

Anyway, packaged arrived securely packed the next day via Skynet.. or was it the day after? Well, all I remember is that it was delivered pretty fast, and the package was heftier than I thought.

After unpacking, I realised that the frames were wayyyyy better than what you can get at IKEA. Solid wood with a decent weight, and even quite thick and sturdy. These frames come in black and white colours, but the ones we got were black to suit our art pieces.

So, does it fit? Here are a bunch of fan art we’ve purchased last year (or more?), and only some can fit in A3 size frames. Still need to hunt for other random sizes. Sigh..

The A3 sized posters fitted perfectly! Looks really great now!

These frames come with a leveller, some wall hooks, and on the top of the frame is the hanging hook. Quite a full package I must say! And instructions of course!

So, where can you buy these? You can visit Frambie website, or you can pop by their store on Lazada as well. They deliver to all of Malaysia and Singapore too. I got these POSTA A3 frames at RM33.64 each since it was discounted; regular price is about RM47.59 on their website, and RM50.40 on Lazada. They also have frames for A2 and A1 posters, so next time you head to a comic con, you don’t have to worry anymore about finding ready-made poster frames!



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