DIY your own reed diffuser refill

29.03.2017 by LadyAlly

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reed diffuser

I suppose you can say that buying an entirely new bottle of reed diffuser isn’t all that expensive. Heck, you can even find really cheap ones at those RM5 shops or something. However, I realise that the smell kinda goes off way too quickly, it evaporates very fast, or sometimes I just don’t wanna stash another bottle in the house. Since I am also a Young Living Essential Oil member, and have quite a number of different oils to mix and match, so why waste money to buy another bottle? So, here is an easy-peasy recipe you can DIY at home.



  • 50ml base oil (I use fractionated coconut since I have a large bottle of it)
  • 2 tbsp alcohol (You can use plain vodka if you don’t have rubbing alcohol)
  • 15-20 drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Reed sticks (You can buy them online via Lazada or Lelong)
  • Any old glass jars/small vase/mason jar OR repurpose your old reed diffuser


  1. Use a glass jar or anything that has a spout so it is easier to pour into the diffuser jar
  2. Pour your base oil. Some oils have a lighter colour, so it really depends on whether you want your oil to be seen, especially with clear coloured bottles.
    beaker with oil
  3. Add the alcohol.
    adding alcohol
    I’m using craft-grade alcohol since I have a bottle of that which I bought from Craftiviti, but if you don’t have one of these or rubbing alcohol, you can just add some vodka. You can skip out on using alcohol altogether, but that would just mean your oily scent will take a longer time to be absorbed by the reeds.
    isopropyl alcohol 99.8%
  4. Add your favourite essential oils. Here I’m using a mix of Young Living Geranium essential oil, and a few drops of Young Living Jasmine essential oil. If you plan to use this mix, make sure you use very little of the Jasmine as it has a really strong scent.
    adding essential oil
  5. Give your mixture a little stir. I just used one of the reeds to do that. If you’re not sure where to get spare reeds, I had some luck online on LAZADAI did find some on Lelong but they’re pretty costly compared to the ones sold on Lazada in this case.
    mixing diffuser oil
  6. Now, all you need to is just pour the mixture into your diffusing jar, pop the reeds in and wait for the scent to slowly move up the reeds! It takes about 1-3 days for the scent to permeate your room, and if you feel after a while the smell isn’t much anymore, you can turn your reeds around to refresh it!
    pouring in the jar


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