SHO Red Ginseng Mask and Ampoule Review: Firmer, brighter skin

14.10.2018 by LadyAlly

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So many Korean brands, so many skincare. However, there are some brands that I like more than others, and surprisingly, one of them is SHO. SHO is actually the short form of Special Homecare Origin, and is a brand of skin care from South Korea. This particular product is made from Red Ginseng and really, I totally love the smell of ginseng! Here I tested 2 different products: SHO Ampoule Sheet Mask, and SHO Ampoule, which is kinda like a viscous serum in a bottle.

Firstly, here is SHO Ampoule Sheet Mask. There are 7 packets in a tin, and once you open the pack, you can immediately smell the (wondrous) smell of ginseng.

Don’t worry about the sheet looking brownish; this is just the colour of the serum – even the bottle ampoule is of the same golden colour.

Here is a BEFORE photo of me. Disclaimer: No beautify apps was used, which is why, you can see my eye bags, freckles and uneven skin tone. My biggest gripe is my uneven skin tone because I really dislike having to apply foundation due to laziness.

The mask fits my face pretty well, in fact, much better than a lot of other Asian-brand sheet masks. Do the R&D people think all Asians have small eyes and palm-sized face? (≧∇≦*)

After removing the mask, don’t forget to rub the ampoule solution into your skin. There is A LOT to rub it since SHO manufacturers were pretty generous with the amount of solution in each packet of sheet mask.

OK, maybe you can’t tell the difference after 1 application, but honestly, IRL,  you can actually see it. Skin becomes softer, and much clearer and firmer – not as saggy. Puffy eyes still there of course, but otherwise, my skin tone cleared up a little and my skin became so nice to touch. Now, the difference between SHO Ampoule Sheet Mask and other kinda of sheet mask is that SHO ones are treatment masks, not a daily mask. It would be such a waste. For daily use, you should get the following SHO product instead.

As for the Ampoule, it comes in a 50ml bottle with a dropper attached to the cover. The difference between the mask and the bottled ampoule is just portability, and also with whole bottle at your fingertips, you can control how much you want to apply. The effect is pretty similiar as the mask and you can choose to use it regularly like how you would use a serum. Just replace the serum step with the ampoule. Apparently ampoule is 3x more effective and absorbed compared to serums.

I use around 1 full dropper amount for my whole face. The texture is quite viscous so it is quite easy to apply and pat dry. Using this as part of my nightly routine is such a joy, especially since I love the smell of it.

After around 2 weeks of regular use; using the sheet mask at the start and the bottled ampoule everyday as a serum, here is the result. I did not use any beautify app, and the effect can be seen well. Skin is brighter and firmer, and it doesn’t look so dull and patchy anymore!

Where to Buy

You can get SHO products from 50 Sasa Stores Nationwide, as well as at SHO Facebook Page and SHO Instagram Page.


SHO Red Ginseng Sheet Mask : RM159 per tube (7 pieces inside)

SHO Red Ginseng Ampoule : RM189 per 50ml bottle


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