Low maintenance eyelash extensions at Pink Passion Signature Salon

20.03.2016 by LadyAlly

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Being a working mom of two – one being a little toddler, there are times when I don’t have as much time to put on makeup to look presentable when I’m going out. Applying falsies is just as time consuming so I thought of doing eyelash extensions. I have done it before but it was quite a hassle to maintain and upkeep. However, when I popped by my favourite salon – Pink Passion, they mentioned that instead of doing individual eyelash extensions, I can opt for what you call “Rich Lashes Extension”.


Now, what is the difference? Basically, instead of gluing one silk lash to one of your lash, they will glue a bunch of lashes to your lashes as close to the lash line as possible. If you opt for individual eyelash extensions, it will look more “natural”, however, it also means it is harder to maintain as it detaches easily since it is only sticking to an individual lash. I remember doing this type before, and it was seriously quite hard to wash my face, shower and removing makeup as I had to be extra, extra careful to not let anything heavy land on the lashes.

pink passion eyelash extension open

Anyway, I did the “bunch-type” of eyelash extensions since I am really too lazy (or busy!) to be too careful. It still looked sorta natural, but I looked like I always had a little eyeliner on. Which is fine by me as that would mean I don’t have to put makeup when I am too lazy/busy to do so. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

How long did it last? I have to honestly say, I totally did not make a lot of effort in “taking care” of the extensions. I was gentler when I washed my face, or when I rubbed my eyes; and I used Q-tips to remove my makeup instead of cotton pads. But other than that, I didn’t try to wash my face with a sponge, or not allow water to flow down my face when showering (yes, you have to do all that if you want to maintain the single lash extensions).

My eyelash extensions lasted two weeks before I had to do a minor touch up. Touch ups take a quick 10-20 minutes, depending on how much touch up is needed. But if you don’t rub your eyes as much as I do, or accidentally getting cotton tangled up in it and hence tugging it lose, then it would probably last longer. (。•́︿•̀。)

So how much is it to do these extensions? For a one time session, it costs RM198, and touch ups are chargeable between RM80 – 160 per session, while removal costs about RM50. However, if you were to take a package of 10 sessions, it costs RM1,588 (meaning RM158 per session), with touch ups being free-of-charge or up to RM80, and removal free-of-charge as well.


My advice would be for you to TRY first with a one-time session, and if you feel comfortable with it, then it would be more worth your moolah to take the package. Another thing: you DO need to take extra care of your extensions meaning you need a little more effort to get it to last, but with this type of extensions, you just need lesser maintenance compared to the single silk lash ones.

Do check out Pink Passion salon as it is cosy and clean, and the beauticians are really nice, helpful and friendly, and don’t charge you exorbitantly. The only drawback of this place is finding a parking spot can be a little challenging unless you don’t mind walking a little.


Pink Passion Signature Salon

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PHONE | +603-7805 7285

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