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02.02.2018 by LadyAlly

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I don’t know about you, but although there are quite a fair number of people who think every Japanese household and lifestyle items can be found at Daiso for a cheap price, I feel there are a lot of things I would like to get that can’t be just bound by that RM5.90 price tag. With that said, I am really glad to know that TOKUYA has just been launched and I can get all sorts of Japanese lifestyle and household items at a reasonable price.

TOKUYA is located on the Lower Ground (LG) floor of Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara, a mixed development property by UEM Sunrise. It was a nice walk surrounded by modern architecture and lots of greenery.

To get to LG floor, you would need to take an escalator down. It isn’t difficult to get there, but do ask any security guards if you get lost of if unsure. TOKUYA is facing a lovely water feature, so you can enjoy the scenery while you shop. Easier to spot too.

So, what can you buy from TOKUYA? Quite a selection of things actually. Personally, I love those Japanese wooden household items since they look so pretty and polished. Light, easy to wash, and look great on photos, especially when laying them out for an Instagram photo.

They are priced differently, depending on quality; so you can find them priced from RM14.90 for a sectioned plate, to RM49.90 for another type of sectioned plate. It all boils down to budget.

Another personal favourite are lacquered items. Since our family tend to enjoy Japanese food, and I pack the kids’ school lunches at times, it is nice to have a good quality set of lacquerware. Lacquerware is light and easy to wash even for the kids, and who can say no to lovely lacquerware from Japan with exquisite Japanese motifs?

The TOKUYA store here at Arcoris isn’t very small, nor is it very large either. It has an L-shaped layout and some products are displayed on shelves, and some hanging on display racks.

It carries a variety of products, from stationery to storage systems, daily necessities to bento making accessories, and even really cute things that you won’t be able to resist.

It is even better for those living nearby as you can just pop by and get things in a hurry such as wrapping papers, floor wipes, or a bedroom slipper should your dog get to it.

For instance, how to resist this original Sanrio Hello Kitty travel toothbrush? It wasn’t as expensive as you would expect; this cute thing costs RM22. Of course not everything is the double digit range.

These lovely bowls with covers cost only RM6.80 each, and I bought them since they are (1) pretty (2) has covers so easy to store food in fridge (3) microwavable (4) can fit kids’ food. So, what else did I buy at TOKUYA with the RM100 voucher I got?

Tadah! Here is my haul for the day. I would’ve bought more things but I had to rush for another appointment. The set of sakura motif chopsticks were only RM5.80 for a 3-pair set. What was on the costlier side here was the light coloured rectangle sectioned plate. That cost me around RM49.90 if I remember correctly (I always suck at keeping receipts. I can see the hubby rolling his eyes right now. lol).

Anyway, you really should take an effort to pop by this place. I know I will be heading there again to take another look, and this time, I will make sure I don’t have another appointment I have to rush off to!


ADDRESS | LG1-06 & 07, Arcoris Plaza Mont’ Kiara, Jalan Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PHONE | +603-6411 2082




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