Carrie Junior releases cute board game with its ‘Sukan Ria’ collection

08.02.2018 by LadyAlly

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We’ve been using Carrie Junior Baby Bath for a while now since #bbquah loves to take a bubble bath in her little baby tub. So instead of buying bubble bath, we use Carrie Junior Baby Bath to shower her and also to fill her tub with bubbles.

One of our favourite scent is the Cheeky Cherry followed by the Groovy Grapeberry. Cheeky Cherry has somewhat of a talcum powder kind of scent while the Groovy Grapeberry smells like Fanta Grape. (●´∀`●)

Anyway, Carrie Junior has just released this cute ‘Sukan Ria’ collection where your purchase comes with a simple board game, and a surprise mascot toy hidden in the packaging.

The board game comes in 2 languages – Bahasa Melayu and English.

You can collect 6 different mascots including the Carrie Junior Elephant who loves football, a Speedy Tommy the fastest tortoise on the running tracks, Tuffy Teddy the toughest bear, Dribbly Minky the skillful raccoon in hockey, Smashy Macky the agile monkey that returns every shot and a sports trophy will each be randomly packed in every 700ml Carrie Junior product.

It was quite mind boggling to find out where the toy was hidden at, and lo’ and behold! It was hidden really well in the packaging!

Incidently, we got Dribbly Minky in our pack. The little raccoon was orange though; I thought it was a cat. Lol.

Anyway, #bbquah had a blast (together with us) trying to figure where the surprise was. I think its this YouTube culture now where kids just seem to love all these surprise toys.

If you’re looking for this toy and collectible, the Carrie Junior & Buddies collectible figurines will be available with the 700ml pack for any variant of the Carrie Junior Baby Bath, Carrie Junior Baby Shampoo, Carrie Junior Baby Hair & Body Wash as well as the Carrie Junior Kids Shampoo.


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