Expecting a baby? Here are some essentials you might want to get for yourself

20.07.2017 by LadyAlly

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Most of the time, whenever we are expecting, we end up buying lots and lots of things for the baby but we tend to totally forget about our own needs as a mother. As a third time mom, most of my old essentials have long been given away (or too ratty to be used anymore), so I had to head over to BMama to get a few important things.

#1: Nursing bras

You may think just going bare would be the most cost effective, but as your boobs get bigger and heavier, and full of milk, you would want at least some sort of support. From experience, (and recommendation from Bmama’s consultants), you should go for the wireless type of bra when you’re starting to breastfeed. Those with underwire should only be used later on for support and once your breast have settled to a more stable production.

There are many types of undergarment to choose from, and surprisingly, there were cute ones too! Usually, most maternity undergarments are a mousey brown or nude, but at Bmama, there were pastels, goth, and even lacy ones to choose from. I could barely decide which to choose from! You can choose to buy before you give birth, or after, but I would recommend you buy when you’re in your third trimester to estimate the size better.

#2: Girdle/Abdomen Wrap

There are a few types of girdle/wraps in the market for postpartum use, but not all of them are suitable. I used to use those long cloth ones where you have to wrap it around and around your abdominal area, but it was so difficult to put on that I gave up after a week. You really should check out the ones here at Bmama called a Wonderbelt as they are easy to put on, and there is even 2 different types to choose from whether you’ve had a natural birth, or a c-section. I used the one made for c-section, and it is comfortable, and breathable so I didn’t sweat bucketloads during confinement. It is also adjustable, so as your abdomen slowly shrinks, you can adjust your girdle to be tighter, but only as tight as you are comfortable in.

#3: Maternity/Breastfeeding Clothes

I’ve tried to save money by wearing oversized T-shirts after I gave birth but it was super inconvenient to feed the baby in. Not only that, I felt fat, ugly and so unglam whenever I go out, so I eventually invested in some nice postpartum/breastfeeding clothing. It was much easier to feed a hungry screaming baby that way too since most of the clothing made for breastfeeding have ample and comfortable openings for easy access. It is an investment that is well worth the money spent.

If you are unsure on what type of nursing wear, prenatal, and postpartum things to look out for, you can just head to Bmama Maternity for a free consultation. Although the area may seem to be crowded, there is a reserved parking just outside their store for their customers.

If you have other kids, just bring them along! They can just entertain themselves while you get consultation from their staffs.


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