My Champion, an educational localized mobile game for kids

14.07.2017 by LadyAlly

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As a parent, there are times I find it annoying when my kids treat me like a walking encyclopedia. I don’t mind if it’s once in a while occurrence, but if it is every other day, they should be encouraged instead to find out things for themselves instead of being spoon fed.

So, if you’re looking for something a little localized, check out this new mobile app/game by Champs, called My Champion.

Launching the app

We were invited to the soft launch of the event held at MBO at The Starling, in the Kecil cinema meant for families and kids. Seriously love this cinema as it is a place you can watch a movie without worrying about your kids being a little chatty. Anyway, the soft launch was a chance for Champs to give us a feel of how the app is like, and by teaming up with Watsons Malaysia, not only is the app fun and educational for kids and parents, they also get to win vouchers upon completion, redeemable at Watsons.

Some students and teachers of SK Kampung Jawa were also invited to the launch, giving them a chance to check out this app that is available in dual languages, English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Localisation at its best


Most of the time, the app we tend to download for our kids tend to be of general knowledge that teaches them about, well, general stuff. If you take a look at My Champion mobile app, its core is about professions that most children tend to aspire to –  Doctor, Athlete, Celebrity, Pilot, and Chef.

Each of these career paths have 5 levels, with the easiest level being General Knowledge, and the rest specialisations depending on profession. The great thing about this game, is not only is it an educational trivia, it also gives you a Did You Know fun fact that kids will find interesting.

Each level consists of random 10 multiple choice questions, and you will be given 20 seconds to answer correctly, with 2 chance to get the right answer. Each first correct answer is worth 100 points, and should you get the first time wrong, and the second chance correct, you earn 50 points.

In addition, you will also find questions and facts about local Malaysian knowledge, in the medicine, sports, entertainment, culinary, and aviation fields. I mean, how many apps do you see that teaches children about Malaysian food and traditions, and mentions our local celebrities and sportsperson?

Material and subliminal rewards

After playing the game together with #theSmally, there are certain parts of the game that can be a little difficult. So, this also encourages you as a parent to take play an active role in helping your kid pass the stages. In fact, there are times when I had to Google some of the questions as I didn’t even know the answer!

Children (and parents) will also enjoy the material rewards that come with the completion of the game. After each career path is completed – all 5 levels of that career – you will be able to redeem a discount voucher to allow you to get purchase your favourite (or your kid’s) Champ vitamin from Watsons Online, as Watsons Malaysia is afterall, partners with Champs Malaysia in this endeavor and more.

The steps are simple:

  1. Copy the e-voucher code
  2. Visit OR just click on “CLAIM NOW
  3. During the checkout, key in the e-voucher code
  4. Click SUBMIT

There is one thing though. In order to claim the reward, you need to sign in via Facebook or via email at the beginning of the game at the splash screen. This is to keep track of your progress and scores in order to claim all 5 vouchers. You can just use your account instead of applying one for your kid. I usually rather use email though using Facebook to login is much easier.

My Champion mobile app is available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store for FREE! No strings attached!

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