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26.03.2018 by LadyAlly

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If you’re looking for something interesting for your kids to do that is fun, educational and hopefully burning off all their extra energy, you might want to take a little trip to the Farm In The City. Located right smack in the middle of Seri Kembangan, Selangor, it is a short and easy drive to this little farm. It isn’t really a farm per se, but kind of like a small zoo/petting zoo that features mostly farm animals more than exotics. Was it worth the trip? Take a look at the photos and be the judge of it.

Getting there

It all depends where you’re coming from, but generally, the trip from Petaling Jaya to the Farm In The City was not very long, nor is it very difficult to find. You can just pop the location into Google Maps or Waze, and just follow the directions. We tried on both apps and didn’t end up in some jungle, so should be pretty OK.

From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, or look very big, but trust me, in our Malaysian hot and humid weather, this kind of size is just nice for a day trip. There’s also quite a number of activities and shows to do, so it will be a day well spent.

The entrance and exit is the same, so  you will go through a souvenir shop as you enter and as you exit. It is a test of patience to stop the kids from wanting to buy things immediately, but anyway after the shop you will reach a large open area where you can feed pigeons and chickens with animal food you purchase from a machine using tokens. The token machine at the entrance is found in the shop, so our advise is to change enough for at least 4 different types of feeds. You don’t have to purchase all at this stop, but its easier to change for tokens here than later on in the park.

You can actually find these animal food machine dispensers peppered around the park selling different types of food depending on the animal you’re feeding. The food comes in a small white box that you can recycle in a recycling bin nearby. Please don’t be a litterbug and throw anywhere else.

Before heading in through the ticketing booth, you can also make a little detour and feed some hay to goats, and other nibblers. ADVICE: you don’t have to finish up all your hay here if they are not really hungry. You can use it at other feeding areas in the park.

The Entrance

The entrance to the park itself is not too far ahead and good news for those using strollers and wheelchairs: there are ramps along the way. However, BAD NEWS. Although the ramps are in pretty decent condition, the walkway is really unsuitable for wheels. The ground is uneven and sometimes too narrow for wheelchairs and strollers. This is all probably due to the trees getting larger and roots are expanding and cracking up those cement slabs. Hopefully the management will make new pathways that will be easier for these wheels.


The ticketing booth is snuggled in a corner, located on your left hand side as you walk towards the entrance. If you are Malaysian, don’t forget to bring along your MyKad, as well as your kids’ MyKid to enjoy local rates. In case you can’t see the rates in the image above, here they are:

Normal Rate (without Malaysian ID)

Adult: RM48
Children (11 years below): RM38
Senior Citizen (above 60): RM38
* Children height below 90cm: FOC

MyKad Rate (with Malaysian ID)

Adult: RM32
Children (11 years below): RM27
Senior Citizen (above 60): RM27
* Children height below 90cm: FOC

Farm Activities

Do you like ponies? Unless you are above 11 years old, or taller than 90cm in height, or weigh more than 40kg, then unfortunately, you are unable to enjoy the pony rides at the park. Other than that, don’t forget to purchase your pony ride ticket from this ticketing counter since you can only get them there. There is also a schedule to ride the ponies – a morning and an afternoon session.

Basically, just remember this: there are THREE sessions a day for pony rides. 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm, 3.30pm-5pm. That’s it. The other times are for the ponies to rest.

There are other daily activities in the farm to enjoy and they are only done once a day, so if you want to catch these activities, please take note of the time slots. Basically, there are SIX different activities throughout the day:

11am : Otter Feeding
11.30am : Parrot Interactions
12pm : Porcupine Feeding
3pm : Pelican Feeding
3.30pm : Parrot Interactions
4pm : Meerkat & Fennec Fox Feeding

Pet them, Feed them

So, what is there to do at Farm in the City? For one, you can get up close and personal with many of the animals there. There are many handlers and staff around to give you any information you need, and they are very friendly. The only thing is, if you are not well-versed in Bahasa Malaysia, then you need to mention so since a lot of the activities are done in that language.

It is not all just fun and games, but the trip proved to be pretty educational as well. There are signs along the way to teach about the animals and plants around, and at certain areas, there are handlers giving talks about the animals and educate the children (and adults!) on how to handle the animals. We were quite proud of our little ones who were brave enough to even pet/hold animals like a snake, a blue-tongue skink, a hedgehog and other cute farm animals like chicks, rabbits and guinea pigs.

There are also some exotic animals in individual enclosures to see and learn about. The place is well kept, and animals look pretty healthy. They were sleepy when we were there though, maybe because some of them are nocturnal animals so of course during the day they would be snoozing.

The most chillout place was feeding the kois and swans by the lake. You should see the size of those fishes! HUGE! Probably fat from all the free grub by visitors. Fish pellets are also purchased using tokens from the vending machine.

Food stops and wash basins

You can find wash basins around the farm with available liquid soap to ensure your kids are properly sanitised at all times. There is usually 2 basins of different heights to cater for the smaller children, but sometimes I still had to carry #bbquah since she is really small sized and can’t even reach the lower basin.

There is a little snack bar/canteen located in the middle of the farm where you can buy some easy-to-eat food, snacks and cold drinks. There is a washbasin just behind the canteen so you can wash up before handling food. Don’t be alarmed when you have some feathered visitors by your table though. There are chicken and roosters roaming the area, so watch where you sit before putting your bum down.


Just across from the food shack there is a little fishing “river” for the kids to TRY catch some little fishes with a net and bucket. Try as they might, they won’t be able to. These fishes are smart. They do enjoy getting their hands wet though, so they will just try anyway. Next to the fishing area is also the rabbit and guinea pig petting area. You can pet them, or feed them with some leafy vegs offered by a staff, or you can purchase some hay from a vending machine nearby to feed them. Whether they will eat or not depends on how full they are.



BUSINESS HOURS | Monday, Wednesday – Friday: 10am – 6pm;
Saturday – Sunday: 9.30am – 6pm;
Tuesday: Closed

ADDRESS | Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 1, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

PHONE |  +603-8941 2099/+603-8941 3099

WEBSITE | fitc.com.my


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