Challenge obstacles at Milky Way Play Space playland @ Paradigm Mall

01.04.2018 by LadyAlly

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Are your kids a fan of playlands? My kids are, and we try to take them to visit different playlands especially when we need to run some errands at a mall and prefer to let they kids do their own thing instead of dragging their feet to follow us. Our recent findings brought us to Paradigm Mall in the vicinity of Kelana Jaya, PJ. What was once a space for those coin-operated kiddy rides have now become one of those climbing and obstacle course play space called the Milky Way Play Space.

Climbing, Jumping, Crawling

It isn’t a very large space – approximately 700 sqft, but it spans upwards instead, almost up to the next floor. So, we took #theSmally and 2 of his schoolmates to this playland since it is always nicer to have friends to play with. #bbquah was a too little for the challenge so we took her to Toys R’Us nearby instead. ( ◞・౪・)


Safety is of importance, hence the kids will be fitted with harnesses, guides and helmets as safety measures. What happens is, as the kids continued down the route, they had to pull their guides which were connected by a rail on the top bar along the route.

Of course, on top of all these ropes, there are also playland crew along the path to help the kids as they challenge the route. Is it easy? Well, it depends on individuals, but generally, even the most unskilled, uncoordinated child will be able to finish it with the help of the crew members.

Taking a break

The kids were tired out by the end of the challenge and took some time to rest, whether on the ground (entertaining #littlenugget), in the large hanging bird nest, or if a little more adventurous, can go through the route halfway to go down the twisty slide.

Not only is the challenge area the only places to play in, there are other sections for kids to enjoy too! One of it is the 9D VR coaster. It has 2 pods and a variety of short VR shows to choose from. It comes with a 4-axis movement system, so when your child sits in it, he/she will experience a VR show, movements and effects such as wind and touch. It was exciting and #theSmally and his friends took turns to try it out.

Wall climbing

There was also a climbing wall that us suitable for children, but unfortunately on that day, our party was not able to try it out since the guides/cables were not functioning up to the playland’s standard. It was disappointing but at the same time I was quite relieved that they took safety seriously. Will go again to try it out!

Here’s a little video I’ve put together for your enjoyment!

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