Bonding time @ Cupcake Workshop by Little Collins KL x The Asian Parent MY

15.11.2019 by LadyAlly

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With our ever-busy lives, it is not easy to find time or activities to bond with the kids – even more so if it is going to be something messy. However, we found out that attending a cupcake workshop was an activity that can be enjoyed by both parent and child of any age and gender.

P/S: Be prepared for photo spam. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

We were invited to a cupcake workshop organised by Little Collins KL and The Asian Parent Malaysia. Together with other fellow moms and little ones, we learned some cake decorating tips, tricks and gain lots of sweet memories with the kids. Both of us went for the workshop, but mainly it was #bbquah and myself who did most of it. #daddyquah did pop by with #littlenugget to help out (more like play around) a little before heading for some tea at the Little Collins cakery/cafe downstairs.

Cupcake Decorating

The first session was a simple cake decorating session where the kids were given ready made cupcakes, some cream for piping, and a few types of lovely sprinkles.

It wasn’t very hard piping the swirls and we did a pretty good job! I had to help her to press the piping bag while she controls the direction.

#bbquah was excited as this is what she loves doing whenever she goes to her grandma’s house. The sprinkles here were fanciful and our little girl was happily arranging bit by bit, instead of just randomly sprinkling over the cakes.

The little ones enjoyed their first session (yes, the easy part is over!) and they get to enjoy their sweet delight (you can tell how excited they are as they could barely keep still to take a photo) while the mommies all were prepped up for the next session of decorating cupcakes using fondant.

Working with Fondant Icing

I’ve worked with fondant before, and honestly, I find it tricky to handle and mold. However, with the little tips and techniques shown at the workshop, I can say I’ve learned a lot. Each step was demonstrated step-by-step so it was easy to understand.

It was an adult session at first but since #bbquah has some baking/decorating experience, paired with her experience in playing with Play-Doh, she joined in the session and helped out. She took instructions well and was surprisingly quite good with her fine motor skills!

We did a lot of rolling, cutting and shaping. It was a little tricky when trying to explain to her again and again to follow instructions or else everything will be destroyed. A serious test of patience. Haha.

#littlenugget also had a hand in it. He managed to ‘glue’ the fondant on the cake using sugar water – in fact, he was pretty careful that he didn’t even squish the fondant out of shape! He kept calling it Play-Doh; it was pretty hilarious.

Here is the combined effort of #mummyquah, #bbquah, and #littlenugget. No finger holes!

#daddyquah helped with the drawing of the eyes and had a blast with his little princess. Well, he had to help with guiding #bbquah since both of them are the only lefties in the family.

Our hard work! The entire workshop ran for around 2-3 hours, which includes both children session (cupcake decorating) and adult session (fondant decorating). I think we all did a pretty good job and don’t be surprised – most of the fondant decoration, painting and arrangement was done by #bbquah with limited help from an adult! I only did the cutting, since I had to handle a knife, and I also did the calligraphy since it is quite tricky to use the edible ink pen.

Overall, it was a fun fun fun time! I learned a little bit more about my little girl’s personality and enjoyed some mom and daughter time away from our usual weekend things. So, don’t worry if you are not good with baking or cooking; take this kinda of workshops as a time to bond with your child, and to kinda play without having to wash up. Hehehe. (*≧ω≦*)

There is a different class schedule every month, so you do need to book ahead of time. You can head to their website to purchase tickets or to view their schedules. Some classes are catered for a pair of parent & child, with the child below 15 years old. All classes are for beginners for kids and adults 12 years old and above.

How to book a class

  1. View their schedule and purchase tickets via
  2. WA +012-776 8005, 2 weeks before class to arrange for booking and payment.
  3. All seats depends on seat availability.


ADDRESS | 17-1, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur (above Little Collins cakery)

FOR ENQUIRY | WhatsApp +6012-776 8005




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