Send your clothes to the laundromat without ever leaving your house

16.06.2017 by LadyAlly

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Honestly, I hate doing laundry. It is one of the most tedious chore ever. I am fortunate the lovely hubby has taken over the chore for me. Haha. However, out of all the types of laundry, the worst is having to do bed sheets. They are large, hard to hang, and difficult to fold. So usually, we will send all our sheets to the laundromat. But because it can be a pain to go out just to send one set of linen, we always end up having to lug more than 1 set each time.

But good news to us! Woohoo! Just found out that there is a service called Mama Wosh that picks up your laundry, gets it all nice and sparkly clean, and sends it all back to your doorstep! At first, when I first came across this service, I was expecting having to pay an arm and leg for this door-to-door delivery service, but surprisingly, despite being a premium service, it isn’t as expensive as I expected it to be.

So, how do send your piles of sheets, laundry, shirts, suits, carpets, curtains, or dry cleaning to the laundromat without leaving the house?

Pickup and Delivery Areas

Before you call for their service, you should first check if your area is covered by Mama Wosh service. At the moment, Mama Wosh pickup and delivery service covers certain areas in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya only. You can check the pickup locations at the top menu bar drop down menu under Delivery Area section.

Services Offered

Mama Wosh offers the same type of services you usually get at a laundromat and more, kind of like an all-in-one laundry and dry cleaning service. You enjoy hassle-free services such as your regular wash and fold, hand wash for your delicates, dry cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning.

Curtain cleaning is one of the unique services Mama Wosh offers. We all know how tedious and back breaking it is to grab a ladder and bring those heavy curtains down, and even more of a hassle to nag the husband to bring it down for us. With a small fee of RM5 per kg, Mama Wosh will send a team to take down your curtains, take it for a wash, and re-hang it back for you.

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Money Matters


So, all these awesome services sounds great; how about the price? Firstly, the cost of pickup and delivery. As long as your minimum order is at least RM25 in value, then delivery and pickup is free! On top of that, if you really hate doing laundry and wanna use this service, it would be much better to be a Mama Wosh club member since you will save 20% on each order.

If you don’t want to make your payments online, you can also make cash on delivery payments, which is usually the case with older folks who are usually apprehensive about using online payments.

For the full price list, check out their listing here:

Pickup My Laundry!


To get your laundry picked up, all you need to do is select ORDER PICKUP and fill out the form. Most importantly, you need to choose which time slot you want, and you can even book in advance. Then choose the type of service needed, and the amount of laundry to be picked up as they will come in a motorcycle if it is just a few bags, or a larger vehicle if the amount is more than 4 bags. Then you’re done! They will come and pick it up, get your laundry done, and deliver it all back to you smelling great.


You can choose to order on-demand express service if you need it urgently, but there will be additional charges. Otherwise, the time your laundry will be processed will be stated on the form itself.

For more information, do visit Mama Wosh website at

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