MBO Cinemas x Me Books Asia collaborate to launch superhero-themed storybook

23.08.2019 by LadyAlly

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In order to advocate better family relationships and bonding time between parents and children, an unexpected duo has decided to join hands. MBO Cinemas and Me Books Asia has joined forces to produce a storybook that tells kids that they each have their own strengths, fortes, and that a hero resides within them.

Dubbed as ‘Unleash the Superhero in you’, this is the first instalment of a long-term collaboration between the two brands. The storybooks aim to instil important values in children along with exciting activities to be offered in MBO Cinemas’ Kecil Halls moving forward.

Profits from the sale of this storybook will be donated to Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation benefitting underprivileged children who lack access to quality education. This collaboration also seeks to donate more than 1,000 copies of the storybook across five state libraries in conjunction of the #MalaysiaMembaca campaign unveiled by the government in their 10-year Literacy Plan (Dekad Membaca). The libraries involved are the National Library of Malaysia along with four states libraries which are Selangor, Perak, Johor and Sarawak.

With the help of international celebrity and beloved mother, Sinje Lee, along with other caring society influencers such as Sarah Tan, Racheal Kwacz, Jay Jamalina and Kristie Chan, ‘Unleash the Superhero in you’ will also be available as an audiobook. These celebrities will be the enchanting voices narrating the audiobook, which is available in 3 languages – English, Mandarin, and Malay. 

What is the story about?

‘Unleash The Superhero In You’ is a story about Alison and how things are not as they appear to be. She lives her life trying to achieve great exploits by lending a helping hand to all around her. It is evident sometimes as family and friends, it may seem easier to watch and comment by the sidelines, not be involved and be indifferent to the plight of others. This story reminds us that no matter who we are, we have all got something to give and make a difference. Rather than wondering about the wonderful, let an inspiring person like Alison, help to unleash the hero within us to make the world a better place. This storyline was written with intention to inspire and instil good values in children.

Where and how much?

This exclusive box will be on sale during MBO Cinemas’ annual Blood Donation Drive on 24 – 25 August 2019 at Starling Mall retailing at RM50. During this time, you can get a bunch of goodies in a cool box like the photo above. What you find inside are:

  • The ‘Unleash the Superhero in You’ storybook
  • A pair of MBO movie and popcorn vouchers
  • 3 months subscription to Me Books App worth RM40
  • An iron on badge
  • A red/blue little cape (super cute!!) for your little one
  • The box that has an activity sticker portion at the back

This exclusive box will help to the support of the children of Little Flower Education Foundation.

This exclusive box is ONLY AVAILABLE during the MBO Cinemas’ annual Blood Donation Drive weekend. After this weekend, you can only purchase the storybook for RM50 at Me Book Nooks at Sunway Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar, Johor; CzipLee Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 3, Kuala Lumpur; CzipLee Mid Valley SouthKey, Johor; and online at Me Books Store

So, for a good cause, and value-for-money, do pop by MBO Starling Mall to grab the exclusive box before it runs out!


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