Enjoy fuss-free cafe style coffee at home with a touch of a button

10.12.2019 by LadyAlly

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Philips is a brand seen in many households as they offer a wide range of household appliances. To add to its portfolio, Philips introduce its new series of fully automated espresso machines (FAEM) to coffee lovers. With its new range of coffee machines, you can enjoy fresh, fuss-free cafe style coffee in the comfort of your own home, with just a touch of a button.

The latest range of Philips coffee machines includes the Saeco PicoBaristo, Philips 3200 Series LatteGo, Philips 5000 Series LatteGo, Philips 2200 Series, and Philips 3100 Series.

Each machine features a range of intelligent and intuitive functions, allowing you to make the type of coffee you like depending on your mood. Coffee beans are ground immediately before brewing, with its durable ceramic grinders. Why ceramic? This is to ensure that the grinders do not heat up which will damage the taste of the coffee. To protect your coffee beans, the Aroma Seal – located on the bean container, ensures that your favourite coffee beans maintain their original aroma over time, while reducing the grinder noise.

Each cup of coffee is brewed at a constant optimal temperature. The Aroma Extract system strikes an optimum balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction, by keeping the water temperature between 90 and 98 degrees Celsius, while regulating the water flow rate.

The LatteGo milk system in selected models also allow you to get the best of your milk by calibrating the optimum temperature for steam to heat and foam milk, and mixing milk and air at high speed in the round frothing chamber of the LatteGo machines. Other models also have a similar system; the Classic Milk Frother dispenses steam to prepare the milk froth.

Each of these Philips coffee machines have flexible settings, allowing you to adjust the strength and style of your coffee. Lazy people (like me) would appreciate the built-in memory to record previous settings so you can choose again easily.

Cleaning and maintaining these machines is also easy. Firstly, the machines feature the patented industry-first AquaClean water filter system that ensures no descaling up to 5,000 cups with regular filter replacement. This feature is also designed to improve the quality of coffee by purifying water, and also to prevent scale build-up in the water circuit.

Secondly, the two-part, no tubes LatteGo milk system can be easily disassembled and rinsed clean under the tap in as little as 15 seconds, making it the fastest to clean milk system ever. The drip tray and coffee ground container is also dishwasher safe. The Classic Milk Frother, which also comes in only two parts, is also easy to clean under the tap or in the dishwasher.


Saeco PicoBaristo SM5473/10 : RRP RM5,999

Philips 3200 Series LatteGo EP3246/70: RRP RM4,599

Philips 5000 Series LatteGo EP5335/10: RRP RM3,999

Philips 220 Series EP2220/10: RM3,299

Philips 3100 Series (EP3510/10: RM2,999

Available at selected retail outlets. More info at www.philips.com.my


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  1. Kenny says:

    Interesting review there. Wondering how the Philips 3200 series compared against brand like Delongi and Breville.

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