About theQuahs

theMister, previously the main guy behind now defunct TravelFoodies.com, met and married theMissus, better known as LadyAlie, editor extraordinaire of AlieSez.com (which will be left to sit forlornly on the world wide web as she will be posting here from now on).

With theSmally and bbQuah, together they are all known as theQuahs, going to places and doing the stuff theQuahs love to do – which is quite a lot. Favourite family past time: playing video games… and eating. And doing what Malaysians do best – visit shopping malls. So do join in our adventure, whether you prefer the steady opinions of theMister, or the bubbly weirdness and musings of theMissus, or even one of theKiddoQuahs‘ scribbles.


This year, we have welcomed a new member of theQuahs; our little bundle of joy littleNugget. Looks like things will be getting even more exciting, with lots more adventures, laughs, and tears.

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