Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Swatch and Review

23.01.2018 by LadyAlly

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So, now we’ve decided to add some arts and crafts segment to our blog since it is after all, part of our family’s favourite hobbies. Recently, I have also been doing more colouring whenever I can find some time to de-stress. To colour, I usually use other mediums other than colouring pencils such as fineliner pens, markers, glitter markers, and paint. Fineliners are really handy to reach those small spaces and little lines and dots.

So, when I received these lovely Steadtler Triplus Fineliners from a friend, I was ecstatic. Now I have more colours to play around with! 36 colours to supplement my arts and craft hobby!

As promised, here is the swatch of each of the 36 colours that come in this packaging.

Generally, the colours range from primaries to pastels, neon to darks. It is quite a good range, and with the 0.3mm tip, you can write notes, play with calligraphy for journaling, or just use it for colouring. The ink comes out well, except for the pastel colours that you may probably need write a little slowly.

So, how much would the damage to your wallet be? A box a Staedtler Brillant Colours Triplus Fineliner of 36 colours cost approximately RM89-RM99, depending where you buy them from. Staedtler Malaysia has an Official Staedtler Online Store on Lazada, but so far I’ve only seen the 30 colour fineliner set, which costs RM75.90.

So far, it isn’t very easy to find these fineliners. I’ve tried looking for it at Popular Bookstores, but so far, I’ve only seen the 10 colour sets. A friend told me they may be found at major hypermarkets, but so far, I’ve not gone all out to hunt for them yet. So, if you’re seen it at a shop, do let me know!


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