Der Backmeister German Bakery, TTDI: Something Uniquely Unique

09.02.2017 by LadyAlly

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I reckon among all the types of “meals” the family goes for, we tend to go for brunch since we always wake up late and hungry. Lol. Most of the time, the husband tends to prefer heartier Malaysian-styled meals like curry mee and nasi lemak (I’ve always told him it must be a Penangite thing), I much prefer breads as part of my breakfast or brunch. So, long story short, we were driving around in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (or what most people refer to as TTDI), we noticed a little German bakery facing the houses along the main road. What else to do but to try it out during the CNY holidays since parking is a lot easier.

I am not familiar with German lingo, so it did take me a while to remember the name of the place. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Der Backmeister kinda sounds like “The Backmister”. Lol. That is how I can remember it anyway. So, we walked in this rustic homey looking place, and the smell of freshly baked goods just hits us in the face.. or more like the stomach. Haha.

Serving staff here is super friendly, honest, and helpful too! At first, I ordered an Egg Breakfast, which consist of my choice of eggs and a selection of breads. However, after the husband parked the car, he decided to share a Big Backmeister, which is a mixed platter of cold cuts, butter, jam, cheese, and eggs, with a selection of breads. Instead of just letting us order both, the nice employee (not sure if she was the manager or not but seems like it) actually advised us to just get the mixed platter to share since it already had eggs for bbQuah, and ordering both would be too much food. What an honest lady! *muaks*

So, here is what The Big Backmeister consists of exactly: pepperoni, chorizo, air-dried ham, salami (I think!), meatloaf, cold ham, cheese slices, brie, apples, some salad, eggs (we choose.. more like bbQuah chose scrambled eggs), boiled egg, and a variety of yummy bread and buns (approx. 4-5 pcs), with butter and a whole mini jar of jam. Priced pretty decently too at RM33 for The Big Backmeister.

Water was free flow, although drinks were at your usual gourmet coffee price with my Flat White at RM11. If you prefer your coffee cold, be prepared to pay another additional RM2 for iced drinks!

Baked goods tasted great and a personal favourite was the poppy seed bun. theMister loved his meatloaf, bbQuah loved her scrambled eggs (she ate them all up!), and I loved the cheese, buns, and jam.

There were loads of other interesting stuff on their menu, but unfortunately, we can’t try them all this time round. Maybe next time together with theSmally since this time school had already started and he had to attend.

Here is the menu if you want to see if anything strikes your fancy. Sure hope you can see the little words. This bakery also serves daily lunch sets, so if you’re working around this area, do pop by if you fancy something other than the usual cafes.

Der Backmeister German Bakery

BUSINESS HOURS | Tues – Sun: 8am – 7pm; CLOSED Mondays

ADDRESS | 40, Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PHONE+603-2856 0613

PAYMENT | Cash, Visa, Mastercard



CHILDREN FRIENDLY | 8/10; Baby high chair & kid’s cutlery available



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